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When my grandson was about 3 years old he climbed to the top of a very tall slide. Upon reaching the top he realized that he couldn't get down, where upon he calmly stated, "A little help up here, please." NKTA is now in that same position. We have climbed many ladders as cited in the president's report. Now we too calmly ask, "a little help, please." Many of our board members started 7-9 years ago; attrition and burnout are showing. We need an infusion of new ideas and enthusiasm. We currently have 4 vacant board positions, including needing a secretary and a treasurer. In addition we need help with communications (so newsletters can be prepared more regularly) and help organizing volunteers.

Much of NKTA's work involves promoting trails and obtaining grants to expand or improve them. It is a relief to get out and actually work on them. We are looking forward to several opportunities to do so this year, so get out your trails tools and be ready to go!

June 4th - National Trails Day:
Millie's TrailNational Trails Day is the perfect time to do maintenance on Millie's Trail. Three years ago Millie Dove Muller and her family provide public access for a non-motorized trail across their private property to connect Big Valley road to the adjacent land and trails owned by Pope Resources. We are happy to say that the trail has been well used; so much so that when I went to use the trail a month ago there was no room in the parking area. A Dove family told me recently that Millie use to excitedly go to a window and watch when she was told someone had come to use the trail. Come prepared, rain or shine, to improve drainage and improve the tread of this delightful path. Saturday, June 4th 10AM - 12PM, 24472 Big Valley Road (look for the NKTA Sign)

May 3: Great Give
The 2016 Kitsap Great Give is on Tuesday, May 3 from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. and NKTA is once again participating. This is a Great (what else) time to leverage your contribute to NKTA with the matching funds provided. To contribute go to It's a great way to renew your membership every year.

May 7: Save the Oysters!
Port Gamble Save The Oysters!Great Peninsula Conservancy, Kitsap County Parks, REI and Kitsap Forest & Bay Project are teaming up to relocate oysters growing near the pilings in Port Gamble Bay. If we don't move them NOW, the oysters will be buried and lost when pilings are removed in cleanup efforts this July! If you want to help, bring your waterproof boots, heavy duty gloves and a five gallon pail or large storage tote on May 7th at 10am to Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park. Meet at Shoreline Trail parking lot off Hwy 104. Stay for a tailgate oyster roast. Oysters provided by Taylor Shellfish!

For the past seven years NKTA has worked with Kitsap County and other local organization to promote the acquisition of right-of-way for future trails and parks. As a result we've seen the creation of the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, expanded the North Kitsap Heritage Park and Bainbridge Island has obtained grants for construction of an initial portion of that trail from the ferry terminal to High School Road. We initiated work with Kitsap County to obtain a $500,000 RCO grant to construct a bicycle ride park near Port Gamble (think ski area for mountain bicycles) and another grant for $740,000 to acquire right-of-way through parts of the OPG property south of Port Gamble.

The following statement has been released by Pope Resources:

PhotoPort Gamble Upland Trails Opened for Recreational Use:

As of September 4, 2015 the Port Gamble Uplands will be re-opened for non-motorized recreational use due to the significant local rainfall. All other Pope Resources lands will remain closed until further notice. As a reminder, there are still portions of the Port Gamble Uplands that are closed due to the active logging. We sincerely appreciate the trail user communities understanding of our needs for seasonal closure and for your continued respect for the lands we own and manage. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Adrian Miller at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 360-394-0595.

9/4/15 -

Fall is upon us and with the rains and lower fire danger we can now get out onto the trails and into the park to do some work! Help build a new reroute of the Beaver Pond trail in Port Gamble. Stay for a BBQ lunch and go home with an REI T-shirt and water bottle. Saturday Oct. 3, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Your effort will build on the work of Kitsap Forest and Bay Project partners who helped create this park, providing access to the bay and over 500 acres of forest trail. Volunteers should wear long pants, sturdy shoes and wear gloves. RSVP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Meet at the Port Gamble Uplands trailhead south of Port Gamble.

Sponsored by REI, NKTA, Great Peninsula Conservancy, Kitsap County Parks, Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance West Sound, Kitsap Audubon and Backcountry Horsemen, Olympic Chapter.

5/27/15 -

A public meeting for the NK Trail Feasibility Study is scheduled for this Thu. May 28, 6-8 PM at the Fire Station on 26642 Miller Bay Road in Kingston.


5/27/15 -

Thanks to our generous donors during the Great Give, NKTA raised over $3750! The tremendous effort by the Kitsap Community Foundation and all the great sponsors resulted in raising over $1 million for Kitsap County non-profits.

5/27/2015 -

Kitsap County's Heritage Park Stewardship program earned a Washington Recreation and Park Association award for Environmental Stewardship. In an email to Heritage Park Stewardship volunteers announcing the award, Lori Raymaker, Park Stewardship Coordinator, thanked volunteers:

"You are all a huge part of this award, because without you, this program and our parks as we know them, would not exist. As a park staff person, and a citizen of Kitsap County, I cannot thank you enough for all that you do!!"

NKTA would like to echo Lori's heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who give their time, heart and enthusiasm to the parks and trails that our community enjoys.


 - Update on Port Gamble Trail Closures
for Timber Thinning - 

There's a new map on the timber thinning up in Port Gamble and except for the area completely closed for Commercial Thinning, most trails are open on the weekends. But be careful, thinning means they are actively cutting trees to create enough room and light for the other trees to keep growing, so there may be trees down on the trails.

Keep your eye on the thinning map: 1200, Ankle Biter & Downhell are completely closed, but 1000 is now back open on the weekends.

Here's a picture of the Commercial thinning.