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5/16/2012 -

Learn more about North Kitsap Trails Association and the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project
at a May 21 community presentation with dessert and discussion following.

Come join us on Monday May 21, 2012 at 7 p.m., Poulsbo City Hall 200 N.E. Moe Street


 - Volunteer Opportunities -

We need your help! Learn more about NKTA and the Kitsap Forest and Bay Project at a community presentation with dessert and information on May 21 at the Poulsbo City Hall at 7 p.m.

NKTA volunteers


 - Kitsap Forest and Bay Project Update -

Good News: Governor Gregoire signed the Forest Compensating Tax measure last month, removing a substantial extra cost for Kitsap Conservation projects. King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties already had an exemption to avoid this conservation tax, and now with Governor's signature, Kitsap has the same opportunity. Representative Drew Hanson and Senator Rolfes were instrumental in getting this legislation approved.


 - “Citizen Park” on Bainbridge will compliment the Sound to Olympics Trail -

The Sound to Olympics Trail (STO for short) is a regional trail crossing Kitsap County. It will connect the trails of the Mountains to Sound Greenway (like the Burke-Gilman Trail), across via both the Winslow and Kingston ferries, with the Olympic Discovery Trail beyond the Hood Canal Bridge.


 - NW Adventure Sports Festival -

Join us June 9-10, 2012 for a fun filled weekend Mountain Biking, Kayaking/Paddling, Trail Running, and Standup paddle boarding in Port Gamble, WA on the spectacular Kitsap Peninsula. Whether you are a beginner or advanced, young or old adventurer you will appreciate the weekend of fun filled racing, demos, classes, vendors, food and festival atmosphere.

All ages are welcome and no experience is necessary for this seriously fun event, so grab the kids, your buddies and your sense of adventure and head to historic Port Gamble for the day or the weekend.


 - North Kitsap String of Pearls Trail Plan adopted by County -

The North Kitsap String of Pearls Trail Plan was officially adopted by Kitsap County November 28, 2011 and is now part of the County Comprehensive Plan. The document has already begun being used to assist County grant applications. Thank you to everyone who provided their ideas and feedback, and to the many volunteers who invested so much time! The plan is available on NKTA's website.


 - Coalition must move fast to conserve Kitsap Forest and Bay Land -

The Kitsap Forest & Bay Project is a community-wide effort to conserve nearly 7,000 acres of forest and 1.8 miles of shoreline on the Kitsap Peninsula. With Port Gamble Bay at its heart, the land has been used to grow trees and produce lumber since 1853. Pope Resources, who owns the land, has allowed the public to enjoy the estimated 60 miles of trails and logging roads for many years, but plans to move out of our urbanizing region. Recognizing the value of their lands for public recreation, open space and wildlife habitat, the company has provided our community an opportunity to conserve the land. But time is running out... on March 28 2012 the one year countdown begins. The option to purchase the land expires in March 2013, with a possible extension to March 2014 (but only if a fully funded offer has been extended). At that time, Pope Resources will pursue other options for disposing of its land.


 - 2011 NKTA Achievements -

John WilletYes, it’s true; I’m paddling into the sunset after 4 years volunteering my time in order to get Non Motorized Transportation back on the “Map” in Kitsap County. It’s been tough and not very pretty a lot of the time. But, the County Commissioners have adopted the NMT Plan that NKTA wrote for them, they have hired a NMT Planner at the county for the first time, and the county is now in the process of writing a NMT Plan for the entire county.  Big stuff and my personal mission accomplished.

NKTA’s planning work involved people from all over North Kitsap and its many towns and cities (Pearls).  NKTA logged over 10,000 volunteer hours producing just the plan for the County. 


 - Port Gamble Trail Closures -

Port Gamble Trail ClosurePope Resources will be conducting a scheduled timber harvest this fall/winter on approximately 73 acres of its timberlands in Port Gamble.  During that time, the harvest unit and some of the surrounding property, logging roads and trails will be closed to public access for safety reasons. The company will start site preparation over the spring and summer including road maintenance, construction and harvest unit boundary flagging.

Jon Rose, President of Pope's Olympic Property Group has shared an announcement with information about this harvest with a wide audience of interested parties and requested assistance distributing a written description and map.

This planned harvest was one topic of discussion by the NKTA Board at its annual retreat on January 21st in which Jon Rose participated and shared information.

NKTA will post information about how trail usage is affected closer to the harvest.


 - NKTA Board Holds First Annual Retreat - 

NKTA Board and Committee members met in historic Pt. Gamble on January 21st for the first annual Board retreat. The Board is refocusing its goals, committee structure, and communications with NKTA members & the community at large.

The NKTA is at a natural transition point to focus on the next steps in its key goals relating to trail planning and construction in North Kitsap, and preservation of the Pope land as open space with trails.